What is eOrganic?

eOrganic is the organic agriculture community of practice with eXtension. Our mission is to foster a research and outreach community, engage farmers and ag professionals through trainings and publications, and support research and outreach projects.

Organic News

Survey Explores New England Consumer Preferences for Local and Organic Produce The University of New Hampshire has released a 17-minute video of a... ATTRA

Pollinator Loss Changes Ecosystem Patterns Research at Emory University, published in Biology Letters, showed that... ATTRA

Assessment Shows Economic Benefit of Corn Used as Food Rather than Biofuel Researchers at the University of Illinois have quantified and compared the... ATTRA

NRCS Releases Longleaf Pine Strategy USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has released a two-year... ATTRA

Details Published on Seed Mix Developed for Monarchs and Bees Researchers with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach have... ATTRA

Michigan EnviroImpact Tool Maps Nutrient Runoff Risk MSU EnviroImpact Tool is a new agricultural nutrient-management tool... ATTRA

American Farmland Trust Kicks Off Farmers Market Celebration American Farmland Trust's annual summer Farmers Market Celebration raises... ATTRA