Four-Webinar Series on Biocontrol Research in Feb-March 2021

Team members from the project Biocontrol Tactics for Vegetable Insect Pests in the Southeastern US will present a webinar series in early 2021 with updates on the research. All sessions will be recorded and archived on this website and on the eOrganic YouTube channel. 

Register or view recordings when they become available (about 1 week after the live events) at the links below.

Biological Control Options in Vegetable Production JC Chong, Gunbharpur Singh Gill, Clemson University February 3, 2021
Insect-vectored Viruses and Their Management in Vegetables Babu Srinivasan, Bhabesh Dutta and Timothy Coolong, University of Georgia February 10, 2021
Biological Control of Whiteflies in Squash Oscar Lilburd and Lorena Lopez, University of Florida February 24, 2021
Incorporating Biological Control of Spider Mites into Tomato Pest Management Programs Jim Walgenbach and Tom Bilbo, NC State University March 1, 2021