Resources for Organic Cucurbits

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Managing Striped Cucumber Beetles on Organic Farms


Viral Diseases in Cucurbits: Identification and Management Strategies, by John Murphy, Auburn University, 2016

Managing Cucurbit Downy Mildew in the Northeast, by Chris Smart of Cornell University, 2016

Management Options for Striped Cucumber Beetle in Organic Cucurbits, by Abby Seaman, NYS IPM Program, 2017

Research Updates: Vegetable Crops: Cucurbits, by Michael Mazourek, presented at the 2014 Organic Seed Grower's Conference

Cuckoo for Cucurbit Vine Crop Breeding: How to Breed New Plant Varieties: Imagining and Engineering Crops, by Michael Mazourek, Cornell University. Plant Breeding and Genomics Webinar, May 13, 2014

Challenges in Organic Cucurbit Production: Video about the ESOCuc Project