New Varieties

The following new varieties have been bred by the ESOCuc Project, and they are available at the links below:

DMR 264 Cucumber

This is the first slicing cucumber with resistance to the new strain of downy mildew. Its especially adapted to warmer climates or where downy mildew pressure is severe.

Available from Common Wealth Seed Growers:

Trifecta Muskmelon

Trifecta is a melon with improved downy mildew resistance, sweetness and good yields, which is also less prone to damage by striped cucumber beetles.

Available from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange:

Seminole Melon

The ESOCuc project also introduced Common Wealth Seeds to the Seminole melon, which also has good downy mildew resistance. This variety was developed from a volunteer plant at the University of Florida Agricultural Experiment Station in Sanford, FL, and released in 1960. It is not otherwise commercially available.