What is eOrganic?

eOrganic is the organic agriculture community of practice with eXtension. Our mission is to foster a research and outreach community, engage farmers and ag professionals through trainings and publications, and support research and outreach projects.

Organic News

Rodale Institute Introduces Organic Farmers Association Rodale Institute has launched a new membership organization for organic... ATTRA

Project to Test Organic Dairy Forage Crop Production Strategies for Northeast Cornell University the University of Vermont, and the University of New... ATTRA

New Local Food Economies Initiative Supports Local Governments in Food System Work In North Carolina, the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) has... ATTRA

Study Explores Why Biodiversity Acts as a Pest Control Related ATTRA Publication: Companion Planting & Botanical Pesticides:... ATTRA

Illinois Projects Receive Specialty Crop Grant Funding Illinois Department of Agriculture has announced that more than $520,000... ATTRA

Organic Dairy Health Project Funded Related ATTRA Publication: Tipsheet: Treatment of Sick or Injured Organic... ATTRA

Organic Cucurbit Project Receives Funding Related ATTRA Publication: Downy Mildew Control in CucurbitsResearch and... ATTRA