Tomato Varietal Improvement Webinar On Demand

Organic vegetable growers need varieties that are optimally adapted to their farming systems. In this webinar, researchers from the TOMI project show how to develop and select improved vegetable varieties using tomatoes as example. The goal of the TOMI breeding team is to develop new tomato varieties that are resistant to the most problematic diseases facing organic tomato growers, and have the good fruit flavor that customers expect from heirloom varieties. Specific topics in this webinar include: identifying key traits, choosing appropriate parents and a selection approach, making crosses, selecting from segregating populations for desirable traits, using genetic markers to aid in selection for key traits, and saving seed.

This webinar was recorded on March 7, 2017. Presenters are Lori Hoagland and Dan Egel of Purdue University, Jim Myers of Oregon State University, Julie Dawson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Jared Zystro and Laurie McKenzie of Organic Seed Alliance.