Resources on Organic Seed, Corn Breeding and Participatory Breeding

Ears to the Ground: Summer 2020 Virtual Field Day Presentations

Part 1: Soil Nitrogen Testing Overview with Carmen Ugarte, University of Illinois

Part 2: Cropsmith ISNT and PSNT Soil Nitrogen Tests

Part 3: Woods End Labs: Solvita and SLAN Soil Nitrogen Tests

Part 4: Soil Testing from On-Farm Studies. Binod Ghimire, University of Illinois

Part 5: Objectives for the Organic Corn Nursery. Martin Bohn, University of Illinois

Part 6: Breeding for Feed Quality. Walter Goldstein, Mandaamin Institute

Part 7: Replicated Strip Trials: A Visit with Stephen Gray of Gray Research Production, Inc.

Part 8: Evaluation of Root Characteristics, Christopher Mujjabi, University of Illinois

Organic Seed Production

Participatory Breeding

Participatory Plant Breeding Toolkit, Organic Seed Alliance

Corn Breeding


  • Nitrogen, Microbes, Roots: Breeding Corn for Nitrogen Efficiency and Fixation. Presentation by Walter Goldstein, Mandaamin Institute at the Organic Grain Conference, organized by the Land Connection in February 2019.