Photos and Videos

Electric Weed Control in Organic Highbush Blueberry, 2024

Electric Weed Control of Hazelnut Orchards, Oregon State University, 2022

Photos and Videos from Cornell University, 2022

Zasso UnitZasso unit in operation

1. Zasso electric weed control unit on display (left) and in operation (right) at Cornell Agritech in Geneva, NY. 

2. Video of Zasso unit in operation at Cornell Agritech in Geneva, NY.

nutsedge before treatmentnutsedge after treatment

3. Yellow Nutsedge before and 24 hours after treatment with electric weeding.

Before and after treatment with electric weeding‚Äč

4. Before and after treatment with the Zasso unit in a weedy, non-cropped field. Weeds are a mixture of broadleaf annuals (common Lambsquarters, pigweed, common ragweed), annual grasses (yellow foxtail, barnyardgrass, large crabgrass) and yellow nutsedge.

5. Left:Treated and non-treated strip 2 weeks after electric weeding.

Photos from the University of California Davis, 2022

Zasso weed machine

1. Zasso Electric Weed Control Machine on a fallowed field in Davis, CA.

horseweed tap root damage

2. Horseweed tap root damage 14 days after treatment from a higher voltage treatment (Left), and a lower voltage treatment (Right).

3. Left: Treated strip 3 days after treatment, Middle: injured plant 1 day after treatment, Right: injured plant 7 days after treatment.

prostrate pigweed and field bindweed

4. Prostrate pigweed and field bindweed: left: 1 day after treatmen; middle: 7 days after treatment; right: 7 days after treatment.

injured hairy fleabane

5. Injured hairy fleabane 7 days after treatment.

EWC machine in almond orcharddessicated burclover

6.Figure 6. EWC machine running in an almond orchard (left) and desiccated burclover 3 days after treatment (right).