Resources from the Organic Reduced Tillage in the Pacific Northwest Project

2018 Organic Reduced Tillage Video

 2015 Article: Adoption Potential and Perceptions of Reduced Tillage among Organic Farmers in the Maritime Pacific Northwest. Andrew T. Corbin, Douglas P. Collins, Rose L. Krebill-Prather, Chris A. Benedict, Danna L. Moore. Available at

 2013 Organic Reduced Tillage Field Day, Puyallup WA August 12, 2013

2013 Video of Flail Mowing at Kirsop Farm


2013 Video of Strip Tilling at Kirsop Farm


2012 Field Day Tour Handout

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 2011 Virtual Tour


2011 Reduced Tillage Work in Western Washington

Organic Reduced Tillage in Western Washington and the Impacts on Weed Populations Poster - Benedict C., D. Collins, C. Cogger, A. Bary, A. Corbin, and C. Burrows.

Exploring Adoption of Reduced Tillage Practices in Organic Vegetable Production Poster- Corbin, A.,D. Collins, C. Benedict, and C. Burrows.

WA Tilth Producers Article - Reducing Tillage with Cover crops in Western Washington Organic Vegetable Production - CollinsD., A. Corbin, C. Benedict, C. Cogger, A. Bary, C. Burrows, and C. Miles.


OREI Focus Group Research: Reduced Tillage Practices in Organic Vegetable Production in Western Washington - Burrows, C., D. Collins, C.  Benedict, and A. Corbin. 

OREI No-Till Planning Grant Symposium Documents

Organic Conservation Tillage Practices –Innovations and Implications for Grain, Vegetable, and Conventional Farming Systems Poster - Furst, P, I. Burke, D. Pittman, R. Koenig, D. Huggins, D. Colins, C. Cogger, A. Corbin, and C. Benedict.


No-till Organic Pumpkin Production and Soil Quality - Collins, D., A. Corbin, C. Cogger, A. Bary, E. Gibson-Snyder.