Research Updates

October 2017

Germplasm: · Fall regional trial planted all locations. Fall increase blocks planted at Corvallis (Buck), Mount Vernon (Buck), and Ithaca (Buck and #STRKR).

Diversity panel: Entries planted in greenhouse for seed increase and genotyping – we were cruelly assaulted by rodents. We have re-planted.

Education: · A day of outreach on the selection unit with Briggs Middle School (Springfield, Oregon). The kids loved it! Partnering teachers are working on a formal lesson plan

Outreach: The Plant Variety Showcase was a dream! Lane Selman’s energy condensed into a single evening… We had 5 delicious barley dishes prepared by some incredible chefs and bakers. Pictures at

To think about: Variety (varieties) for the spring increase blocks: CDC Clear, Meg’s Song, Havener, Julie, Transit, or Goldenheart. CDC Clear is the only modest beta glucan type. Full data coming on these choices – if you have experience with any or all of these, please share with Brigid Meints!

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