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Organic Management of Field Bindweed Webinar, October 2021

This webinar focuses on the results of a USDA NIFA ORG research project on field bindweed moth along with other methods of managing field bindweed organically using integrated methods such as saturated steam, brush weeders, and organic herbicides. We will report on the efficacy, costs, applications and limitations of these methods to control field bindweed and other weeds. We’ll also touch on the biology of the weed and how biotypes can affect management. This research was conducted in commercial organic blueberry plantings, but techniques discussed may be appropriate for other perennial crops as well. Presenters: Marcelo Moretti and Jessica Green, Oregon State University

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Field Bindweed Management Plan Infographic

Brewer, L. 2021. Create a Bindweed Management Plan for Your Property. Available at

Field Bindweed Look-Alike Pamphlet

Bindweed pamphletDownload this pamphlet by Jessica Green at Oregon State University to help you differentiate field bindweed from other weeds that also have a spreading or twining habit!





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