Research Updates

CREEP Stop Webinar: Integrated Management of Field Bindweed and Canada Thistle in Organic Cropping Systems

This webinar, which took place in October, 2021, focuses on managing perennial weeds in organic cropping systems using integrated management strategies. We will report on how crop rotations, tillage, and biocontrol can be used in organic systems to reduce field bindweed and Canada thistle. Click here for the slide handout.

Research Updates on Canada Thistle and Bindweed with the Organic Advisory and Education Council

Recordings of presentations by partners on the CREEP STOP project from December 3, 2020. Topics include "CREEP STOP: Progress Report on Our Project to Develop Strategies for Suppression of Creeping Perennial Weeds”, “Bioherbicides: How to get them to work effectively against Canada Thistle and Bindweed, in Montana”, and “Canada Thistle Biocontrol in Organic Cropping Systems.”  Presenters include Pat Carr, Tim Seipel, David Sands, Chelsey Roper, Jed Eberly, Ole Norgaard, and others. Recording available on the Montana Organic Association YouTube channel at