"How to Make a Video with eOrganic" Course

How to Make a Video with eOrganic:  Basics of Video Storyboards, Filming and Production

Welcome to this online tutorial on the basics of creating educational videos for eOrganic. The goal of the course is not to develop movie-quality video. Instead, the goal is to train regular people (like you!) in the skills you need to efficiently plan a low-cost yet professional quality video and capture the audio and video.

Course Description: In this course, you'll learn the basics of video planning, storyboarding, filming and production. The course does not cover video editing.

This course is delivered live each spring by eOrganic staff. If you are a member of a project that is partnering formally with eOrganic, you can attend the live course. Once you complete a storyboard and gather all the materials required for a video, eOrganic staff will edit your video materials into a video, move it through the eOrganic editorial process, and publish it to www.youtube.com/eOrganic.

Credits: This course was created by the eOrganic video production team. The following people contributed to the content of this course:

Alex Stone, Oregon State University
Lane Selman, Oregon State University

Jeff Hino, Oregon State University
John McQueen, Oregon State University
Alice Formiga, Oregon State University
Deb Heleba, University of Vermont

If you have questions about this course, contact Lane Selman at laneselman@gmail.com