Bulletin: Brewing Beer with 'Buck' Naked Barley: Worts and All

Joel Rea, head brewer at Corvallis Brewing Supplies reveals how he created two beers using 'Buck' naked barley, which were sampled at the 2019 Oregon State University Barley Day. Although naked barley malts have not historically played much of a role in brewing because of the importance of the hull as a natural filtering agent during lautering, breweries without mash filters, and homebrewers can use them to make delicious beers! Read and download the bulletin here.

Bulletin: Roasted Barley Tea

The Oregon Barley Project Roasted Barley Tea Initiative Phase 2: Exploring the effects of variety and method of preparation on roasted barley tea flavor. Learn about results of experiments and sensory evaluations with different naked barley genotypes conducted in 2018 with a new roasting system and different methods of brewing. 

Roasted barley teaNaked Barley Bulletin #1: Roasted Barley Tea: Learn how to make this healthy and tasty drink which has been popular in Asia for thousands of years! This bulletin also describes some of the research which is being done by the NIFA OREI team to assess and discover the best-flavored varieties for barley tea. 

Organic roasted naked barley from Oregon will soon be available in a new blend by the Tao of Tea!

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Posters and Presentations

  • Webinar about Breeding Multi-use Naked Barley for Organic Systems by Brigid Meints. December, 2018