Videos and Webinar Recordings

Videos, Webinars and Podcasts from the Value-added Grains Project

April 26, 2023: Marketing Value-added Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems. June Russell, Glynwood and Amber Lambke, Maine Grains

March 23, 2023: Descriptive Sensory Analysis: The Key to Understanding the Quality of Wheat Sourdough Bread Webinar. Roy Desrochers, UVM Extension

University of Vermont Extension and Northern Grain Growers Association Grain Growers Series 2022 (4 videos)

  • Ecological Rye Production, Sandy Syburg, White Oak Farm
  • Condition, Aeration and Storage of Grain, Don Hosteler, Brock Grain Systems
  • The Anatomy of Wheat Flour, Part 1 – Field to Bakery with Heather Darby of the University of Vermont Extension, Randy George of Red Hen Baking Co., and Jeffrey Hamelman (Certified Master Baker and author).
  • The Anatomy of Wheat Flour, Part 2 – Stone Mills with Andrew Heyn of New American Stone Mills in Vermont.

Organic grain research mashup: Green manures, weeds, and winterkill. Ellen Mallory. New York Certified Organic (NYCO) Discussion Meeting. Cornell Cooperative Extension. February 8, 2022.

Naked Barley for Malting, Brewing and Distilling: Grains Week 2021
Brigid Meints and Cristiana Vallejos, Oregon State University

Research Updates: Barley. Grains Week 2021
Mark Sorrells, Cornell; Brigid Meints and Pat Hayes, Oregon State; Kevin Smith, University of Minnesota; Bob Brueggeman, Washington State University

Sensory Evaluation: Grains Week 2021
Julie Dawson, University of Wisconsin; Mark Sorrells, Cornell; Brigid Meints, Oregon State; June Russell, GrowNYC/Glynwood

Nutritional Quality and Density: Grains Week 2021
Jordyn Bunting, Andrew Ross, Brigid Meints, Oregon State University; Martin Petey Perrigue, Julianne Kellogg, Washington State University

Research Updates: University of Wisconsin (Hard Winter Wheat). Grains Week 2021
Julie Dawson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Lane Selman, Oregon State University

Market Updates: Tales from the Frontlines. Grains Week 2021
Leo Ballerini, Julia Raggio, GrowNYC; Haley Wepking, Meadowlark Organics; Harold Wilkin, Janie's Mill

Managing Smut and Bunt in Organic Grains. Grains Week 2021
Gary Bergstrom, Cornell; Heather Darby, Anne Hazelrigg, University of Vermont; Julie Dawson, University of Wisconsin; Brigid Meints, Oregon State University

Managing for Weed Control. Grains Week 2021
Eric Gallandt, University of Maine; Mark Sorrells, Cornell

Agronomic Research: Planting Dates and Rates, Management to Minimize Winterkill. Grains Week 2021
Matt Leavitt, Albert Lea Seed; Ellen Mallory, University of Maine; Julie Dawson, University of Wisconsin; Heather Darby, University of Vermont

Research Update: No-till Organic Panel. Grains Week 2021
Klaas Martens, Lakeview Organic Grain; Erin Silva, University of Wisconsin; Heather Darby, University of Vermont

Rotational Crops for Diversified Market Channels. Grains Week 2021
Mary Howell Martens, Lakeview Organic Grain

Value Chain Updates: Grains Week 2021
GrowNYC, Glynwood, Common Grain Alliance, Northeast 

Progress on Organic Naked Barley Breeding Webinar. Karl Kunze, Cornell University 2021

2021 Grain Growers Conference, University of Vermont

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The Resonance of Rye (2 videos):

  • Todd Hardie of Thornhill Farm and Heather Darby of UVM.
  • Sourdough Rye Baking Workshop with Jeffrey Hamelman

The Splendor of Spelt (2 videos)

Cultivation, Qualities, Research and Processing: Sylvia Davatz, Henry Blair, UVM Extension; Elizabeth Dyck, OGRIN.
Baking Class: Sourdough Pretzels and Spelt Bread, Jeffrey Hamelman, King Arthur Flour; Sylvia Davatz

2021 Food-Grade Grain: Behind the Seeds with Artisan Grain Collaborative, MOSES Organic Farming Podcast.

With Artisan Grain Collaborative, Julie Dawson, Amy Halloran, Lisa Kissing-Kucek.Available here

Growing and Dehulling the Ancient Wheats Einkorn, Emmer and Spelt Video, 2017

Working with Local Organic Grains Webinar 2016

Characteristics of Modern, Heritage and Ancient Wheat Varieties Webinar 2015

Dehulling Ancient Grains Webinar 2014

Value Added Grains for Organic Production-presented at the 2014 Organic Seed Growers Conference

High Quality Organic Wheat and Ancient Grains Production in the Northeast Webinar 2013

The "Ancient" Grains: Emmer, Einkorn and Spelt. What We Know, and What We Need to Find Out Webinar 2013