Sep 9, 2018

Learn about the history of beer and barley with this animated timeline from Oregon's Agricultural Progress, published by Oregon State University.


Mar 3, 2018

"Buck" Naked barley features in the USDA NIFA "Fresh from the Field" newsletter on February 22, 2018. Read the article and watch the video from 24H News at

Feb 2, 2018

Oregon State University is leading a five-state initiative researching naked barley as a viable organic crop. January 30, 2018: Article in the Capital Press by George Plaven. Read the article at

Jan 1, 2018

Article on the Oregon State University Extension website by Chris Branam about the release of "Buck" naked barley--the first fall planted naked barley bred for the Pacific Northwest. Read the article here.

Jan 1, 2018

 New "Buck" Naked Barley: Food Feed Brew. Article by Rosie Itzlar. American Society of Agronomy. January 17, 2018.